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Starting a business is an exciting adventure that requires a solid legal foundation. We guide you through the administrative and legal maze to turn your vision into reality. Here are our dedicated services:


  • For a sole trader, we offer solutions for a smooth transition to a limited liability company as the business grows.
  • For an innovative start-up, we secure intellectual property rights and prepare partnership contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Business legal forms vary according to business needs and can include sole proprietorship, corporation (incorporated), general partnership, and limited partnership, among others. Each form has its own implications in terms of liability, taxation and management.

Yes, registering a trade name is often necessary to protect your brand and ensure that only you can use it in your field of activity. This is usually done through the commercial register or similar body in your jurisdiction.

Necessary documents may include a business plan, market research, company registration documents, contracts with partners or suppliers, internal policies, and documents relating to regulatory compliance, among others.

You can protect your idea or concept by various means, such as filing patents, registering trademarks, copyright, or setting up confidentiality contracts (non-disclosure agreements) with stakeholders.

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