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A shareholder agreement is essential to prevent conflicts and ensure smooth management of your company. We can help you draw up an agreement that reflects the interests of all stakeholders. Our services include :


  • For business start-ups, we draw up an agreement setting out the investors’ exit scenarios.
  • For a family business, we draw up an agreement that preserves family harmony while protecting the company’s interests.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A shareholders’ agreement is particularly recommended when there are several shareholders, in order to lay down the rules of operation between them, protect minority interests, and plan share transfer situations. It is essential to prevent conflicts and ensure harmonious management of the company.

A shareholders’ agreement should include clauses on the division of powers, voting rights, dividend distribution, options to buy or sell shares (pre-emptive rights, drag along, tag along), share transfer procedures, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

In the absence of a shareholders’ agreement, conflicts must be resolved in accordance with the company’s articles of association and current legislation. Shareholders may have recourse to mediation or arbitration to reach an amicable settlement or, as a last resort, bring the dispute before the courts.

Yes, a shareholders’ agreement can be amended with the consent of all the shareholders concerned, or in accordance with the terms of amendment set out in the agreement itself. Consult us to ensure that modifications respect the legal framework and the interests of all parties.

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