Define your co-ownership rules

The Declaration of Co-ownership is the foundation of co-ownership life, detailing the rights and duties of each co-owner. We can help you with :


  • For a new residential complex, we’ll detail the distribution of spaces and the rules for using common areas.
  • If legislation changes, we’ll update your declaration to ensure your condominium’s protection and compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Each co-owner’s share is determined according to the relative value of each fraction in relation to the building as a whole, often based on the surface area of the private unit and its location in the building (view, floor, etc.). These values are established at the time of the initial division of the co-ownership and are recorded in the declaration of co-ownership.

To modify a declaration of co-ownership, you generally need the agreement of a qualified majority of co-owners, depending on what is stipulated in the declaration itself or by law. Amendments must then be notarized and registered in the land register to be enforceable against third parties. It is advisable to consult us to ensure that the process is carried out correctly.

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