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The company book is the documentary heart of your business. We ensure that your documentation is complete, up-to-date and compliant with legal requirements. Our services include :


  • For a growing company, we ensure that important decisions are properly documented and archived.
  • For a new management team, we provide an audit of the company’s books to ensure an informed takeover.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A corporate book is an official file containing all important documents relating to the management and organization of a corporation, such as articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes of meetings, shareholder and director registers, and share certificates. It serves as legal proof of the company’s decisions and structure.

The company book must be updated regularly, usually after each annual general meeting or other special meeting, and whenever there is a significant change in the company, such as a change of directors, an amendment to the articles of association, or an issue of new shares.

A poorly kept company book can have legal consequences, such as difficulties in financial transactions, liability issues for directors, and complications in the event of litigation or tax audits. It is essential to keep an up-to-date company book to ensure legal compliance and transparency.

The company book documents the decisions taken by shareholders and directors, which affect corporate governance. It provides a framework and guidelines for future decision-making, and ensures that all actions are taken in accordance with the rules established by the company.

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