Harmonious management of shared property

When several people own a property together, it is essential to have clear rules for its use and management. We can help you draw up an agreement that covers :


  • For a family wishing to jointly own a second home, we will draw up an agreement specifying how expenses will be shared and how decisions will be made.
  • In the case of an undivided property owned by an estranged couple, we will guide you in sharing the property or managing it jointly under new terms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, it is advisable to register the undivided ownership agreement in the land register. This makes the agreement enforceable against third parties and ensures transparency regarding the legal status of the property concerned.

If an undivided co-owner wishes to sell his share, he must in principle first offer his share to the other co-owners. If the latter do not wish to acquire the share or cannot agree on a transaction, the undivided co-owner may then offer his share to a third party, in accordance with the terms of the indivision agreement or the law.

There are several options for getting out of indivision: sale of the undivided co-owner’s share to another co-owner or to a third party, sale of the entire property with division of the sums between the co-owners, or liquidation of the indivision by means of a judicial division if an amicable agreement is not possible.

Yes, it is possible to modify an indivision agreement. To do this, all co-owners must agree to the changes to be made. The modification must then be drawn up in the form of an amendment to the initial agreement and, to be fully effective and enforceable against third parties, must be registered in the land register.

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