Extended delegation of powers

Entrust the management of your affairs to someone you trust with a general power of attorney. Our services include :


  • Management of your belongings in the event of prolonged absence.
  • Financial decisions made by your mandatary.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A general power of attorney gives the mandatary the power to act on behalf of the mandator in a variety of situations, while a specific power of attorney limits the agent’s action to specific tasks or situations.

A standard general power of attorney ceases to be valid in the event of the mandator’s incapacity. Instead, you should take steps to homologate the mandate of protection.

You can revoke a general power of attorney at any time as long as you are fully capable of making decisions. It is sufficient to notify the attorney-in-fact in writing of the revocation and, if the power of attorney has been signed before a notary, to inform the notary by registered letter. It would also be prudent to inform all financial institutions where you hold bank accounts or investments of this revocation.

Under a general power of attorney, the mandatary can manage your financial affairs, real estate, and make administrative decisions on your behalf, unless restricted in the document.

No, a general power of attorney becomes invalid upon your death. Decisions concerning your assets will then be made according to your will or, in the absence of a will, according to the laws of succession.

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