Advice and formalization of your union

Marriage is more than an emotional union, it’s a legal commitment. We can help you with :


  • Choice of a matrimonial property regime adapted to your situation (separation as to property, partnership of acquests, etc.).
  • Organize and celebrate your wedding ceremony according to your convictions and in compliance with the law.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A marriage contract enables the spouses to personalize the matrimonial property regime that will apply to their assets during the marriage and in the event of its dissolution (by divorce or death). It offers flexibility and legal certainty, protecting everyone’s personal and financial interests, particularly where there are children from previous unions or substantial assets.

Yes, it is possible, but this modification will be subject to certain conditions; please consult us.

Under the partnership of acquests regime, assets acquired by the spouses during the marriage are held jointly, while assets owned by each before the marriage or received by gift or inheritance remain personal. In the case of separation as to property, each spouse retains ownership and management of his or her personal assets, both those acquired before and during the marriage.

Without a marriage contract, the legal regime of partnership of acquests applies by default, which may not be suitable for all couples. A marriage contract is therefore recommended for those who want a different distribution of their assets or additional protection for their personal assets.

Marriage can have a significant impact on your will and estate. For example, in the absence of a will, the law determines the surviving spouse’s share. If you have a will, it is advisable to revise it after the wedding to ensure that it reflects your current wishes.

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