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Incorporating your company is a decisive step that offers many advantages. We can help you ensure that this process is carried out with precision and conformity. Our services include :


  • For SMEs, we facilitate incorporation and explain the implications in terms of governance and taxation.
  • For entrepreneurs, we clarify the differences between sole proprietorship and joint-stock company.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The choice between provincial or federal incorporation depends on the geographic scope of your business activities and your expansion plans. Federal incorporation gives you the right to do business anywhere in Canada under the same name, while provincial incorporation is generally simpler and less costly if you plan to operate only in a specific province.

A corporation’s annual obligations include holding an annual general meeting, updating corporate registers, filing an annual information return, and preparing financial statements. There may also be tax obligations, such as the company’s tax return.

The structure of the share capital must be determined according to the company’s financing needs, growth strategy, and preferences for the distribution of voting rights and control. We advise you to consult us for optimal capital structuring.

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