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Mortgage financing is typically essential for purchasing your home or commercial premises. We can help you with :


  • Whether you opt for a fixed-rate loan, to guarantee the stability of your repayments, or a variable-rate loan, to take advantage of any rate cuts, we’ll advise you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To apply for mortgage financing, you’ll usually need to provide proof of income (such as pay stubs or notices of assessment), recent bank statements, proof of funds for the down payment, and information about your debts and assets. Your banker and our firm can provide you with a detailed list of the documents required.

Transferring a mortgage to another property is often possible thanks to a “portability” clause in your mortgage contract. This allows you to maintain the same mortgage conditions on a new property. Consult your lender for specific conditions and to see if any fees apply.

A fixed-rate mortgage guarantees that your interest rate and monthly payments remain constant for the duration of the term. A variable-rate mortgage means that your interest rate can fluctuate with market rates, which can affect the amount of your monthly payments.

Early repayment of your mortgage may entail penalties or fees, depending on the terms of your mortgage contract. It’s important to consult your contract or talk to your lender to understand the potential costs associated with early repayment.

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