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The offer to purchase is the document that launches the process of buying a house or commercial premises. It’s a formal proposal detailing your conditions. We help you to :


  • For the purchase of a family home, we’ll detail the price you’re proposing, the terms of your financing and the timescale for finalizing the purchase.
  • If you’re looking for commercial space, we’ll ensure the lease terms are structured to reflect your business needs and market conditions accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, once signed by all parties, the offer to purchase becomes a legally binding contract between buyer and seller. The conditions stipulated in the offer must be complied with, otherwise legal action may be taken.

Retracting after signing an offer to purchase is generally only possible if suspensive conditions (such as obtaining financing or a satisfactory inspection) have not been met. In the absence of such conditions, withdrawal may have legal and financial consequences.

We strongly advise you to consult your notary before signing an offer to purchase. The notary can review the terms of the offer, ensure that your interests are protected and advise you on the legal implications of your commitment.

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