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Buying or selling shares is a major event for any company. We work with you to ensure that these transactions are carried out fairly and transparently. Our services include :


  • For a majority shareholder, we facilitate the sale of his shares by ensuring that his interests are protected.
  • For a company, we structure the acquisition of shares to consolidate its market position.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The sale of shares to a third party must comply with the conditions stipulated in the company’s articles of association and any applicable shareholders’ agreement. The first thing to check is whether other shareholders have pre-emptive rights. The next step is to draw up a contract for the sale of shares, which must be signed by both parties and, in some cases, approved by the Board of Directors. Finally, the transfer must be recorded in the company book and declared to the relevant authorities if necessary.

The valuation of shares can be complex, and depends on many factors, such as the company’s financial situation, its future prospects, and the current market. It is often advisable to call in a business valuation expert to obtain a fair and objective estimate.

Shareholders generally have the right to receive dividends, attend general meetings and vote on important decisions. They are also required to contribute to the company’s losses up to the amount of their contribution, and to comply with internal regulations and shareholder agreements.

Share transfers can have a significant impact on shareholders’ agreements, particularly with regard to control of the company, dividend distribution and decision-making. Any transfer of shares must be carried out with due regard to the clauses of these agreements, to avoid contractual breaches and potential conflicts between shareholders.

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